About Us



We are the preferred choice for organisations, candidates and  service users looking for proficient, competitive staffing solutions and  healthcare services that constantly exceed expectations. Our values are  broken down into four core parts:

For service users

We provide flexible and person-centred support to help service users  achieve their aims. Through our network of highly-vetted healthcare  professionals, we deliver bespoke programmes of care that are tailored  to the needs of the individual. We are committed to developing long-term  relationships that maintain health and wellbeing, and provide a  consistent, reliable service in a respectful manner.

For  Customers

We are the trusted choice for employers needing to fill temporary and  long-term healthcare positions – both in professional and domestic  environments – by providing a responsive, efficient and competitive  supply of skilled professionals. We go the extra mile for every single  client, delivering what they want, when and where they need it most.


 For Candidates

We support healthcare professionals in their quest to find meaningful  and lasting employment, by ensuring that each job matches their talent,  skill set and aspirations. We treat every candidate as an individual,  deliver an unrivalled level of customer service and develop long-term,  trusted relationships that help careers thrive.

For Employees

We are the market leader for employees looking for a career within  the recruitment industry. We offer training and development for all  levels, from apprentice’s right through to directors, supporting them  with their personal career aspirations and goals. Through the  development of trusted relationships that are based on respect, we  strive to increase the value of our service and commitment of our  workforce, by ensuring they too follow the culture and ethos of our  organisation.